Why the Healthcare System Can’t Do Without Nurses

It’s difficult to imagine the healthcare system without Nurses during this outbreak of COVID-19. Don’t you think? These selfless caregivers have dedicated themselves to the victims of this life-threatening outbreak. They are an integral part of building a strong healthcare system. Nurses have been integral to the healthcare system since time immemorial. Florence Nightingale is credited with laying the foundation for a robust healthcare system. She was the first to notice that there was a direct link between recovery rates and hygiene. She even went on to write ‘Notes on Hospitals’ that to this day serves as a textbook on hospital reform. We celebrate her birthday as ‘Nurse’s day’. Their dedication to patients, their care, and their service.

Nurses are caregivers of individuals of all ages, families, and communities. They have been playing an outstanding role in building a strong healthcare system since forever. Nurses are integral to a strong healthcare system at all times. Here’s why:

Monitoring Patients 24/7: Nurses are the first and last ones to check up on you while you are admitted to the hospital. Their duty doesn’t stop there. They keep checking up on you from time-to-time throughout the course of the day. Giving you your medication, checking your vitals, checking if you need anything, and other important things.

They have a major part in your recovery. They are in tune with your symptoms, your condition, and pay keen attention to your well-being.

Nurses are the bridge between you and the doctor. They communicate with the doctor about your health from every now and then. Their keen sense your well being helps them identify the smallest changes in your health thereby raising alarm should something go wrong.

From the time you step into the hospital for your treatment until you finally recover, the nurse is there by your side whenever you need them.

Educating Patients: Nurses play the most important role in helping you stay abreast with your health. While doctors do their bit, nurses also double up to reassure you.  They help you understand the care that needs to be taken, during recovery, help you fix a schedule and manage your time.

Nurses Go Beyond their Job: So, nurses check the patient, give the medication they need and get going? No, they don’t work that way.

Nurses understand their duties very well. But they also understand that patients’ need more than just monitoring them. They are compassionate, caring, confident and competent. They understand the difficulty one faces when admitted to the hospital. The patient isn’t used to the hospital environment and with the ongoing treatment, things can take a toll on the patients mental health. Nurses talk to the patient about things other than their treatment. They understand the discomforts the patient is going through, they take more than equal part of the patients’ process of recovering and a lot more.

Who can be a better example than Florence Nightingale? The founder of modern nursing came to light during the Crimean War. During this time of the Crimean War she would make rounds of the wounded soldiers at night. And that’s how she earned the nickname ‘The Lady With The Lamp’.

Doing more than just treating the sick and wounded. She would make sure that the soldiers were comfortable and recovering.

Her contribution, compassion and commitment towards taking care of patients are beyond commendable.

Nurses have always been an integral part of the healthcare system and will continue to be. Not just in the times like COVID-19, but otherwise as well.

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