Work From Home Is Straining Your Back, Know How To Keep Your Spine In Good Shape

The COVID-19 has brought a catena of challenges to our lifestyle in too many ways. It has often been opined that the norms of social distancing and indoor-working are going to be the new normal. One of the inevitable outcomes of the lockdown has been the trend of work from home. Almost every company has switched to work from a home model and this trend is here to stay for at least six months now.

Work From Home And The Malady Of Back Pain

While working from the comfort of the home has its own virtues, there is a lacuna of challenges that this phenomenon may pose to our health. Working for hours while sitting on the chair and the bed may have a severe effect on the spine. This may, as a result, create a lot of ailments related to the spine in the future as well. But worry not for there are easy ways in which you may take care of your Back and avoid problems related to Spine while working from home!

Use Ergonomic Chairs

Most of us tend to shift to the cot with our laptops and trust us, this lies at the root of the problem. You must make sure that you work always while sitting on an ergonomic chair. These chairs have lumbar support, head support, and have deep seats. These features will ensure that your spine remains in good shape and provides a great level of protection.

Improve Your Sitting Posture

This is something that all of us should inculcate as a matter of habit. Maintaining a good posture while sitting will keep the ailments related to the spine at bay.  While this may not be an easy thing to attain the perfect posture from Day One, you should keep yourself motivated to improve it gradually.

Do Yoga Regularly

It’s true that hitting the gym and going for long morning walks don’t feature amongst the viable options anymore. However, you can still do yoga and take adequate care of your spine. Suryanamaskar accompanied by some of the asanas like the Naavaasana,  Garudaasana, and Vajraasana may prove to be the panacea for all your spine-related woes.

These are some of the easy and effective changes that you should inculcate in your lifestyle to keep your spine in good shape. These small changes will surely keep you fit and healthy in the long run.

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