Importance of Healthy Post-Bariatric Care and Nutrition

A weight loss surgery in India alone is never the answer to all obesity woes. It is a part of the solution that needs to be complemented with healthy eating and nutritional care. The digestive system is made smaller in the case of a weight loss surgery in India and cannot take the same amount of food it used to before the surgery. Thus, the diet is integral to be able to both heal and lose weight. Contine reading

Importance of a Healthy Pre-Bariatric Diet

Controlling your diet before a weight loss surgery in India is important to prepare the body for the changes it will undergo during the surgery. Weight loss/bariatric procedures are generally performed on people who have BMI of about 35-40/m2. With such weight, the liver tends be get over-sized because of all the glycogen that is stored in it. A well-planned diet can reduce the size of such an enlarged liver and bring down the complications associated with the surgery. Contine reading

Say NO To Crash Diets

A crash diet is a vigorous short term diet that aims at quick weight-loss. As attractive as quick weight loss sounds, it is really not the right thing you can do to your body.

It is a good thing to get conscious about your fitness and watch what you eat. But, that consciousness can spell trouble when you forget to draw the line and lose out on essential nutrients. Eating lesser calories works in favor of your weight-loss only when you complement it with physical exercise.  In addition, the calories must comprise of all the nutrients your body requires and be of permissible limit (at least 1,200 per day) as discussed in our previous blogs.An alternate way is weight loss surgery in india but that should be the last option. Contine reading

Go green to battle diabetes

Research findings have proven mommy’s age-old belief true – nutrition-rich, green leafy vegetables help you cut down the risk of diabetes. If you love greens, eat what you love all the more, to keep your sugar levels in check.

Greens are a great way to lose weight and that is how they are beneficial on many levels. They offer antioxidants, fiber content and Omega-3 fatty acids in plenty. Greens are a boon for those with diabetes also because they help in coping with arthritis that often accompanies diabetes. Contine reading