Vikram Hospital Launches the Post-Operative Home Care Services.

Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru, the trusted multi-specialty healthcare facility, has taken a step further in ensuring patient convenience with the launch of a new initiative that takes post-surgical care to their doorsteps. Christened Post Surgical Home Care Services, Vikram Hospital Bengaluru will provide specialist support and post-operative care to such patients seeking lesser number of hospital visits, without compromising on the quality of care.

Vikram Hospital is offering these services with the same amount of attention and care in the confines of the patient’s homes, absolutely free of cost. The service was launched by Mr Sampath Kumar, Corporator, Vasanth Nagar Constituency in the city along with  Sudhir Pai, Executive Director and CEO, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru.  The home service is expected to reduce the number of visits a patient has to undertake post surgery and help in their speedy recovery. Under the service, Vikram Hospital will provide a broad category of services like checking on vitals, suture removal, change of dressing, blood sugar monitoring, updating the status and progress of the patient to the consultant, etc. to name a few.

Congratulating the hospital and lauding its efforts to offer home care to patients, Mr Sampath Kumar said, “Vikram Hospital has been doing some great work. And one of the reasons for seeing such good success is the determination of everyone associated with the hospital to relentlessly work for the benefit and betterment of its patients. The home care service is noble initiatives that will help patients achieve speedy recovery without the need to come to a hospital. They are also being assured of the same quality care and treatment. All this without any added cost. This is a great start by the hospital and I wish them many more successes.”

Announcing the launch of the Home Care Service in Bengaluru, Mr. Sudhir Pai, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru said, “Undergoing a surgery is not an easy task. Not to mention that such situations not only have a direct impact on the patient but their families as well who are responsible for the wellbeing and care of the patient after the procedure. Moreover, the timeline for recovery of every patient that undergoes a surgical procedure varies and a person might take longer than usual time to heal completely.”

Pai continued, “Patients who have undergone surgery have to visit the hospital a minimum of 2-3 times, for procedures such as suture removal or change of dressing etc.  However these procedures can be done at the patient’s house by trained staff, thus avoiding the need of hospital visits, which is an inconvenience to the patient (who is still recuperating) and his family member. Vikram Hospital has always made efforts at doing things differently and offered services that provide for a hassle-free and a convenient experience to its patrons. Our Home Care Service is an extension of the very same personalised service and care that we have been offering our patients. I am certain that this service will see a tremendous uptake and bring smiles to our patients and their families alike.”

“Vikram Hospital has already completed 500 home visits as part of a pilot project and has received excellent response from patients. Everyone has appreciated the facility and commended us on this initiative”, said Mr Pai.

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Nose Job : What is septorhinoplasty?


Your nose is pivotal, both to your health as well as your overall appearance.

While a crooked or bulbous nose can negatively affect your self-confidence, it can also cause serious breathing problems. A surgery called septorhinoplasty is quickly gaining popularity as a procedure that can be used to both fix and reshape your nose. Here, surgeons from the ENT department at Vikram Hospital Bengaluru answer questions about this path-breaking procedure.

What is septorhinoplasty?

Septorhinoplasty is a surgery to fix both your nose and your nasal septum – a procedure combining septoplasty and rhinoplasty

Septoplasty is the surgical process of fixing a deviated septum, which occurs when the cartilage that separates your nostrils is out of position.  This procedure helps patients breathe with comfort using both nostrils even during episodes of cold or extreme temperatures. Septoplasty also improves other functions of the nose including filtration, humidification and temperature regulation of the air you breathe in, apart from also enhancing your sense of smell.

In rhinoplasty, the shape, size and contours of your nose are surgically altered to aesthetically enhance your appearance.

Who can benefit from a procedure like septorhinoplasty?

Anybody with a crooked, deviated or bent nose, patients with a dosal hump in their nose or polly beak deformity and people with a bulbous, overtly inverted or everted nose tip, or those with a very small or large nose that is disproportionate to their face can benefit from septorhinoplasty.  Additionally patients who are suffering from breathing problems including nasal congestion, breathlessness on mild exertion, impeded sense of taste, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea will find relief after undergoing this procedure.

What are the different types of septorhinoplasty?

Your surgeon will help evaluate the method of septorhinoplasty that is best for you.
In open septorhinoplasty, a small surgical cut is made on the columella, the tissue separating the nostrils at the base of your nose. After this, the skin of the nose is lifted and the procedure is done. Closed endoscopic septorhinoplasty, is a minimally invasive technique where the procedure is done with an endoscope.

 What is the minimum age to undergo this procedure?

 Females should be 16 years or older while males should be 18 or older, since it’s important that all physical growth is completed before undergoing this procedure.

How long will this surgery take and what is the duration of hospital stay?

Typically, a septorhinoplasty could take between two to three hours and will require one day of hospitalisation, followed by five days of rest.

How painful is this procedure?

 Septorhinoplasty is usually done under general anaesthesia and hence the procedure itself is painless. There will be a little discomfort and pain for five days after the surgery, which can be dealt with using pain medication.

Who is best equipped to perform this surgery

Septorhinoplasty requires a combination of high precision and skills. While shortlisting a surgeon for this procedure, choose an ENT surgeon with both keen interest and specialised training in this procedure as well as somebody who has considerable experience in this field.