How to ensure your pregnancy weight is not too much

How to ensure your pregnancy weight is not too much

No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at, or how many times you’ve been pregnant before, weight gain would most definitely be a part of your journey. Sometimes managing it during, and losing it afterwards, can be a struggle. All doctors would advise you to be better informed from the word go, and keep weight in check even when you in the process of planning a baby. Apart from that, here are some other tips to better tackle your pregnancy weight and ensure it is not too much!

Start pregnancy at a healthy weight –
Any would-be mother would want to do anything for their baby. For that, you have to start with yourself. Maintain a healthy BMI even when you’re not pregnant. Schedule an appointment with your doctor who will help you do the same.

Eat moderately and frequently
Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to eat for two! For normal-weight patients, they should gain 25-35 pounds during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Too much weight during pregnancy puts the mother at a high risk of developing diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Also the baby will be bigger that could lead to complications during delivery. The would-be mother needs only 300 calories extra a day to make a healthy baby. Small, frequent meals that are high in lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables would do the trick.

Know how to hydrate
Just like your calories, your water intake too needs to be increased during pregnancy. This will keep you fuller between meals. Avoid too many fruit juices that are loaded with sugar. Experts recommend eating whole fruits with a glass of water alongside. Getting enough fluid, as much as 3 litres of water daily, would also keep any uncomfortable bloating at bay.

Make your cravings constructive
No doctor would advise you to curb your pregnancy cravings. But satisfying your urges along with getting the healthy fats and proteins you and your baby needs will help in moving things along faster. Take a nutrition class if need be, the nutritionist will help explain better how you could combine something of high nutritional content with one of your less healthy cravings as part of your pregnancy diet.

Exercising, even though lightly, is the key
For fewer aches and cramps, it is imperative for pregnant women to stay active. Walking is the best form of exercise for expecting women – it is easy and definitely yields results like the natural release of insulin after 15 minutes!

Breastfeeding will help manage weight loss goals in the long run
Although this tip won’t hold valid during pregnancy, it is a proven fact that breastfeeding is the best fix for losing the extra weight gained during pregnancy. Breastfeeding alone can help the mother lose upto 500 calories a day!

The physical and mental toll on the body during pregnancy can be overwhelming – so don’t fight too hard. Enjoy your pregnancy in a way that makes you better prepared for what’s coming after!

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