Cardio Vascular Issues in Runners

Bengaluru is a runner’s paradise. The cool and comfortable weather makes it ideal for people to wear their running shoes and hit the road. Marathon running is picking up, not just in Bangalore but all over the world. Marathoners run a stupendous 42.2km course. Marathons originated in ancient Greece, in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens, who reported the victory. While modern marathoners may be channeling their inner Pheidippides to conquer this incredible feat, it begs the question - just because they can, should they?

There has been a lot of speculation around marathon running and its effect on heart health. Although a healthy lifestyle is essential for maintaining heart health, running a marathon may be doing the opposite. Without the right training, the right lifestyle and a clean bill of health from your doctor, signing up for a marathon may be a bad idea.

The human body is not meant for extreme sports, in fact, research suggests that humans aren’t meant for running. While walking comes naturally to people, running much like swimming takes skill, preparation and could potentially injure the runner if done poorly. As such, running puts a lot of stress on the body, but 26 miles pushes your body to its extreme.

While running a marathon may not necessarily be considered bad, coupled with a family history of heart disease and the sedentary lifestyle it could be causing people to collapse during their attempt at taking on the might marathon.

If you are planning on running long distances, the first thing to do is get a clean bill of health. Even preparing to run requires some amount of exertion that needs to be ‘okayed’ by a medical professional. As an aspiring runner, you must focus on your overall health, all year round. By maintaining a good diet,  by sleeping on time and being conscious of your weight are just a few things that are absolutely essential.

Even a 5K ‘ joy run’ is a strenuous event. Ensure that you’ve had enough water before and during the run. If at some point you feel tired or feel like you are about to faint, take a break. The point of the marathon is not to come ‘first’. You have to understand that your competition is with yourself and listening to your body is an absolute must!


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