7 First Aid Essentials for your purse

Sometimes all you need is tweezers to ease the pain and prevent any further injury. First aid is all about being prepared for any emergency that make you search for emergency care in bangalore. For serious injuries, first aid is the first step but for minor cases of cuts or bruises, first aid is all it takes. So Vikram, super specialty hospital, is here with a quick list of essentials for your purse or car:

1. Hand Sanitizer : Before treating any wounds one should always sanitize his/her hands first to avoid any kind of infection to the wound.

2. Tweezers : If you are an outdoor person, tweezers are a must! It’s the safest way to remove a splinter or a tick. Remember to disinfect it first.

3. Antiseptic Wipes or solutions : Before bandaging, scrapes or wounds need to be cleaned. Antiseptic wipes or sprays are handy for cleaning injuries. Contact lens saline solution is good to have for flushing out eye injuries and can be used on other wounds also.

4. Creams : Hydrocortisone Cream for itchy bites and inflammation is a must. To protect minor wounds from infection and to promote healing an antibiotic cream is required.

5. Band-aids, Gauze and tapes : Adhesive bandages of different sizes can helps to protect minor cuts and scrapes. For deeper cuts, gauze pads with tape can be used to subside the bleeding.

6. Crepe Bandage : For any sprain where immobilizing the injured area is necessary, crepe bandage comes in handy.

7. Pills : Pain relievers like Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen should be taken in case of intolerable pain. Allergy medications like antihistamines for people with mild allergies and injectable epinephrine for people with serious allergies should not be forgotten.

So next time be prepared for any emergency, your first aid kit might just save someone’s life. A stitch in time saves nine. So stock up your first aid inventory today!

For emergencies that require further care, super specialty Vikram Hospital is always at your beck and call! Call +91-80-7100-4545 for immediate ambulance service at your door!

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