Anti-Aging Treatments for a Younger You

The constant stress of everyday life, exposure to pollution, reduced purity of consumables and air has greatly affected the quality of life among people. This has also led to the speeding up of the aging process among a large number of the population. With the hectic schedule that governs most people’s lives, it has become difficult to take up a beauty regime to rejuvenate and protect one’s skin and health. Some of the symptoms of aging that has become prominent in both men and women are as follows:
• Droopy facial skin
• Wrinkles
• Loose skin
• Uneven skin tone
• Blemishes & pigmentation
• Open pores
• Dullness

Thankfully with innovations in technology and the medical field, many new techniques, surgeries and processes are available that help brings out the natural beauty and health of the body. Technology for stopping the process of aging might not have been discovered yet, however, there are several techniques and medical procedures that can help slow down one’s aging and furthermore correct or change some of the existing signs.
Here are some of the anti-aging treatments that one can opt for, depending on their trouble areas are:

• Skin Firming
It’s considered to be one of the most effective ways to fix droopy skin. It basically works by transporting sound waves into the skin which causes microscopic fissures that stimulate the level of collagen production that consequently helps firming up the droopy and saggy areas.

• Skin Resurfacing
It is one of the most effective procedures for skin rejuvenation that plastic surgeons often perform. It is generally used to treat skin problems like brown spots, age spots, acne scars, large pores, etc. The laser treatments help to reduce the scars and fine lines caused due to aging.

• Facelift
A facelift essentially is the process of removing excess fatty deposits and tightening the muscles around the face. It also involves removing excess skin and also rewraps the skin around your face. Most often, a facelift is coupled with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty or brow lifts.

• Botox
Botox is a substance that is produced by a strain of bacteria. It is one of the most popular anti-aging processes that people use to reduce the visible signs of aging and also enhance or lift droopy and saggy skin on their face and neck.

• Dermal Fillers
It’s one of a non-surgical method that is extremely popular. It’s also called as soft tissue augmentation and is performed to correct eye wrinkles, skin scars and depressions.

Anti-aging treatments don’t just help people look younger; it provides them with more confidence in themselves. But an important aspect of taking on such treatments is where you get it. Such procedures should only be carried out after consulting with trained and certified cosmetic dermatologists or plastic surgeons. If not, people will have adverse reactions to the procedure and could also lead to fatalities. Understanding the risk and also the benefits is very important when opting for such procedures.

Family planning is a human right

It was declared that “parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children” about 4 decades ago by the United Nations International Conference in Human Rights in 1968. Family planning is very closely associated with women’s empowerment and their rights as well as an aid to reducing poverty and help sustainable development.

Family planning is the right to be able to decide when a couple in matrimony want to bear children and how many they wish to birth. This decision is primarily based on the family’s income, the mental and physical strength of the woman and the ultimate decision lies with the couple based on their wish to become parents at a certain point in their lives. UNFPA strongly supports the cause of family planning in most developing countries by aiding them with an array of birth control measures along with helping them strengthen their nation’s health management system and by extensively promoting gender equality.

Family planning starts with the basic understanding of how many children a particular must bear and if the parents can sustain the life of another living being. The most effective way of going forth with family planning is by ‘planning’ your intercourse and making sure to incorporate birth control measures whenever necessary. The concept of birth control measures or contraceptives have been around for ages, however, it has been quite a taboo concept in our country especially when discussed in public. However, with people being far more educated and well informed, birth control concepts have now become a part of everyone’s life. The necessity of these measures have been discussed on public platforms, advertisements, social media and has been announced on the television as a public service announcement by the government as well.

This article aims to spread awareness and educate th readers about the importance and advantages of incorporating birth control measures in your daily lives. Below mentioned are some of the most common contraceptive measures used by women and men.

Birth control measures for women:

  • Birth control Implant:
    It is the process of inserting a thin rod which is the size of a matchstick which is also called as Nexplanon in to your arm that releases hormones which in turn stops the process of conception and stops chances of pregnancy. This method can help you from not getting pregnant for upto 4 years.
  • IUD:
    An IUD is a tiny instrument inserted inside the uterus to stop you from conceiving. It is scientifically known as INtrauterine Device and is shaped like a ‘T’. This method is a long term solution and reversible in nature which implies that removal of the same would make you capable of conceiving again.
  • Birth Control Ring:
    It’s one of the most simple, effective and affordable birth control measure that is inserted inside the vagina. It can be left in place for three weeks at a time, and needs to be removed on the fourth week. The ring gives off hormones that prevents ovary from releasing eggs and thickening the cervical mucus that blocks sperms from getting to egg.
  • Oral contraception:
    These pills are a combination of hormones such as estrogen and progestin. These hormones are responsible for development of eggs and lining of uterus for implantation of embryo. Progestin also help in thickening the mucus that surrounds egg making the penetration of the sperm much difficult. It is advised to take these pills after a prescription from a medical professional.

Birth Control Measures for Men:

  • Condoms:
    Condoms act as a barrier as it captures sperm preventing it from entering the vagina. They are easily accessible at stores and online and are affordable.
  • Vasectomy:

    A permanent birth control for men, involves closing the tubes that carries the sperm out of a man’s body hence preventing pregnating the woman. It is one of the most effective and safe surgical process for men. After 3 months the physician conducts a semen analysis to ensure the procedure was performed successfully.

  • Birth Control Shots:

    The injectable contraceptive for men, helps suppressing the sperm count in men by giving them 200 milligrams of progestogen (norethisterone enanthate) and also 1000 milligrams of an androgen called testosterone undecanoate (TU). Studies show that 96% of men who continued on shots were successful in preventing the pregnancy.

Family planning services are easily available and accessible at various centers. It is always advised to have a family planning in place to lead a happy life with your loved ones.