Everything you need to know about meningiomas

There are some diseases that can be cured by adopting healthy eating habits but there are some that doctors are still figuring out as to what causes them to help the patients know the disease in the initial stages through symptoms. Cancer is one form of the disease that needs the patience to be dealt with all motivation and self-determination to overcome all odds and come out healthy and happy! Here is a very detailed insight into Meningioma, the causes and the treatment to the disease.

Meningioma is one of the most common forms of brain tumors out of which 80% of the cases considered to be Grade 1 can be cured by surgery. It is a slow-growing tumour which forms on the tissues surrounding the brain and the spinal cord called the meninges. Even though Meningioma is a very common type of brain tumour but it is non-cancerous (WHO grade). About 10% of the patients are diagnosed with Grade II and less than 1% are diagnosed with an aggressive grade of Meningioma known as Grade III.

Meningioma is frequently found in adults and is common in women than in men. But when it comes to men, the disease acts aggressively as compared to the women. Since the doctors and researchers are yet to particularly specify the root cause of the disease, there are studies that have given mixed results for the same saying women who took birth control or opted for a hormonal replacement after experiencing menopause are prone to have Meningioma.

Common symptoms of the disease include headaches, blurred vision, weakness in arms and legs, problems in speaking, feeling numbness in the body and seizures. Till the time there are no symptoms to the disease it is really difficult to diagnose the disease. Once the possibility of the tumour shows up in test results, a brain scan, MRI or a CT scan is done to locate the meningioma, to help analyse the size of the tumour. A surgery or a biopsy is conducted to remove the tumour where a craniotomy will be performed where a piece of bone will be removed from the skulls to get direct access to the affected area in the brain. After the tumour is removed, the bond is replaced in the brain and the surgery will help in reducing the risk of growth of the tumour during the surgery itself. Radiations are also used to kill the cancer cells if the tumour is found to be malignant.

So, these are all the essential things you need to know about Meningioma and how you can go about treating it.

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