How Essential Are Essential Oils: Busting Myths and Telling Truths

Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted from plants. Carrying the plant’s scent and flavour, these oils are well known as the plant’s ‘essence’. Each oil has a different composition and thus each carries a characteristic essence. The process of obtaining essential oils is through distillation either by the steam of water or cold pressing of flowers and plants. The aromatic chemicals extracted are then combined with a carrier oil to form the final product which is ready to use.

There are diverse uses of essential oils. Some use essential oils mixed with vegetable oils, creams and with bath gels while some love to carry the essence on their palms by rubbing them on the skin or adding a few drops into their bath water.

Barring the fact that the essential oils are pure and natural, there are many myths that have emerged that it has begun to sound factual. Here is a list of myths and an attempt to burst them with facts all for good.

- The purity of essential oil is equal to the quality of the essential oil - the chemical profile of every essential oil is different and it varies according to the geographical region of its origin. Also, essential oils that are processed with different processes tend to be different. Thus purity and quality of oil only vary on the fact that what quality was better on your body.

- Essential oils get better with time - Every essential oil comes with a shelf life depending on its exposure with the air, warmth, and light. Mostly their life is between 6 months to one year.

- If you do not like the smell of a particular oil, it will not suit your body - This is a myth. Whether you like it or not, it is not related to the fact that the oil will work for you or not.

- Pure essential oils do not freeze. When not pure, the oil freezes - This myth falls flat on its face for the fact that all liquids including the essential oils freeze on reaching a particular temperature.

- Essential oils are natural and thus they are safe to be used - This is not true at all. Everything natural does not guarantee that it is safe. Each body type reacts differently to anything that is applied to it, thus a patch test is a must.

Keep in mind to not believe in everything that is being written online. Trust a few sources that write with deep research. Keep in a constant connection with your doctor to know how your body reacts to a particular fragrance or ingredient. Most of all, experiment with different oils and enjoy the benefits it offers!

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