Cardiac Sciences - Heart problems you might have but don’t know about

How often have we suffered from panic, sweat and chest pain only to find out that it was nothing but anxiety, while some people die of heart diseases they didn’t know they had? It can be worrying and confusing to be suffering from a heart condition, especially if the ailant doesn’t have enough knowledge about it. When it comes to heart problems, there is absolutely no risk one can take. It’s best to consult a doctor immediately. Some of the most common heart problems people are diagnosed with are listed below.

Coronary heart disease is one of the most common heart problems. This occurs when heart’s blood vessels or the coronary arteries become narrowed or blocked and are not equipped to supply enough blood to the heart. If not dealt with properly, coronary heart disease often gives way to a heart attack. Angina is its main symptom – its the discomfort experienced in arms, jaw, chest, neck or stomach as a result of the restricted blood flow. When you’re under stress, and start feeling the said pain, you probably have angina which is why all chest pains should be checked up with your doctor. When a major part of blood flow to the heart is restricted, angina attacks become regular and severe. When this situation goes out of hand and blood flow is completely restricted is what is known as a heart attack. When chest pain is followed by other symptoms like shortness of breath, overwhelming anxiety and nausea, and it travels to other parts like jaw, neck, back and abdomen – it is a high alert situation and your body is telling you that the heart is receiving insufficient oxygen and are the main symptoms of a heart attack. High cholestrol levels are often a cause of clogged arteries.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is also a heart ailment which is not an illness in itself, but can lead to serious medical hazards like strokes or even heart attack. It is imperative to keep a check on blood pressure levels regularly. Those with a family history of heart diseases are susceptible to genetic heart conditions and need to be more careful than the others. Abnormal heart rhythms is also a typical heart condition. Then there can be a problem with the heart valves too which increases the load on the heart and again chest pains start.

It is only when you sit with your doctor and inform him of the symptoms that are troubling you that he can diagnose you correctly and start with the treatment. Do not jump to conclusions right away. Heart diseases are common and treatable but only when caught at a benign stage. Certain precautionary visits would be good for you too, that is to say even if everything seems to be all right, regular check ups are advised!

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