Why Choose Anaesthesiology in Vikram Hospital ?

At Vikram Hospital, we have a team of well trained anaesthesiologists  who are able to cater to the surgical demands of different surgical specialties ranging from the simple to the complex ones. Our Operation Theaters have state of the art  Anesthesia work stations, patient monitoring devices and other equipment  which enables us to administer anesthesia in a safe manner to all patients.

Being a tertiary care hospital, we regularly get patients with multiple medical diseases, who at times require essential surgery for certain other medical conditions. Our Anesthesiology team,  with a good interdisciplinary team approach, has been successful in taking care of such “high risk” patients.

We strive to maintain patient comfort through the entire duration of the surgery, and also ensure patient safety at all times during surgical procedures.

  • Our Doctors
  • Services & Facilities
  • Pre Anesthesia check
  • Anesthesia services in operation theaters, endoscopy suite, Cath lab, MRI suite
  • Post Anesthesia care
  • Intra operative and post operative pain management
  • Educational activities