Choose cucumbers, choose health

Cucumber, with a nutritional quotient that exceeds that of many other vegetables, features in numerous ‘super foods’ lists. Learn why you should eat them as often as you can –

  1. Cucumbers are 95% water. This means, it is a great way to hydrate the body and get rid of toxins naturally.
  2. Cucumbers contain anti-cancerous properties. Research has proven how cucumbers can help you cut down the risk of cancer.
  3. As great sources of silica, cucumbers help promote the health of your bones, especially the joints. They are known to promote the power of endurance in your connective tissues.
  4. Cucumber aids weight-loss. Cucumber salads and soups are ideal when you are on a fitness diet. Team it with low-fat yogurt on your way to enjoyable health.
  5. Chewing on raw cucumber promotes the strength of your jaw muscles. Besides, raw cucumbers are fiber-rich.
  6. Cucumbers are known to balance out the acids in the body. This has proven to be beneficial to the kidneys.
  7. Cucumbers replenish minerals like potassium and magnesium that are important for healthy skin. Therefore, cucumber-based treatments are such a hit at spas!


Besides all of these benefits, cucumbers revitalize the body with daily vitamins, are great for the eyes and prevent bad breath. There is no reason as to why you should not eat them more often!5

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