Commom Causes For Obesity in Men

Poor eating habits and lifestyle choices are universal causes for obesity. However, certain causes are more prevalent in men than women. A closer look at what causes obesity can help you fight it and save you the trouble of looking for weight loss surgery in Bangalore in the near future!

  • Eating habits tends to get far more erratic and unhealthy in men than in women. This is due to different reasons from levels of consciousness, inherent appetite needs and a tendency in men to consume more calories than they burn.
  •  While men are generally not considered vain, the fact is, they tend to deal with fitness-pressure by indulging in drink or food binges. This acts as a viscous cycle and causes further weight gain.
  •  Low testosterone levels and weight gain work in cyclic patterns through which, infertile men tend to put on weight and overweight men tend to have lower testosterone levels.
  •  The common societal sanctions and other misconceptions have made excessive drinking and smoking acceptable for men over women. This, in addition to the myth that the father’s health does not affect the health of the child as much as the mother’s, has led men to make poor lifestyle choices, resultant of which is extreme obesity.
  •  Centers with best bariatric surgeries in Bangalore have researched how men tend to neglect health, take more stress and find it difficult to make healthier choices later in life.


Begin a healthier lifestyle today; it is not too much to ask of yourself, for yourself!


obesity in men

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