From impure to pure

The world we live in has become infiltrated with toxins from every conceivable angle. Thus, we need to become aware of how the body works and how to support the system that eliminates these unwanted agents in order to maintain a good quality of health.

In a healthy individual, the body’s detoxification system is able to neutralize and eliminate toxins, which helps eliminate tissue damage and prevents illness. The system has two lines of defense, with specific organs preventing toxins from entering the body, while others neutralize and excrete the poisonous compounds that get through this initial line of defense.

The gastrointestinal system serves as the first line of defense against toxins entering the body. When it becomes compromised, it allows other disease causing agents a place to fester, often to the point where they eventually break through the intestinal membrane and enter the bloodstream.

The liver bears most of the burden for eliminating toxins once they have entered the bloodstream. Using enzymes and antioxidants, the liver chemically transforms toxins into harmless substances that can be excreted through the urine and one’s stool. Others are eliminated through the lymphatic system, kidneys, skin and respiratory system.

Inability to remove these toxins causes accelerated ageing, chronic degenerative disease processes and other health problems such as poor digestion, immune dysfunction, hemorrhoids, skin problems, such as eczema, acne, hives, itching and rashes, obesity, sinus and tonsil issues, diabetes, hepatitis, jaundice, etc.

The journey from impure to pure is not a one-organ’s job. Our body survives on interdependent relationship between various organs. Our job is to help them out whenever we can by adopting healthy lifestyle and food habits.

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