We’re committed to providing state-of-the-heart treatments

The Department of Cardiology at Vikram Hospital is not only one of the most advanced in terms of facilities but also our cardiologists diagnose and actively intervene to change the course of a disease. The department has to its credit the implantation of Karnataka’s first drug-coated Stent and has evolved into providing high-end diagnostic & therapeutic treatments in Interventional Cardiology including Paediatric Cardiology.

Non-Invasive Facilities:
- Computerized ECG
- Colour Doppler Echocardiography
- Stress Test (Treadmill Test)
- 24 hr Holter Monitor
- Stress Echocardiography
- Cardiac Enzymes Studies
- Sensation CARDIAC

Interventional Cardiology:
A spacious Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory equipped with the most advanced digital equipment - Siemens Axiom Artis system. This gives high quality images for accurate visualization of even the smallest branches of the arteries supplying blood to the heart.

Coronary angioplasty and stent implantation including drug-eluting stent are performed routinely. Therapeutic Paediatric Cardiology procedures like Balloon Valvuloplasty, Device Closure of Atrial Septal Defect and Coil Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosis are also performed in suitable cases. The hospital specializes in primary angioplasty - opening of blocked coronary arteries in the setting of a heart attack. Complex coronary angioplasties are performed regularly with 24 hours cardiac surgical backup.

Coronary Care Unit:
The hospital has a 14 bedded, fully equipped Coronary Care Unit with Siemens SC 7000 series bedside monitors for recording heart rate, automatic non-invasive blood pressure, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation. In seriously ill patients, these can record pressure within the heart chambers and measure Cardiac Output for monitoring the progress. The Servo 900 mechanical ventilators help maintain breathing in very sick and unconscious patients as well as those with severe heart failure. The CCU is also equipped with Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps to support a failing heart and seriously ill patients with very low blood pressure after heart attack or surgery.

- Karnataka’s first drug-coated Stent implanted at Vikram Hospital & Heart Care (Company: Boston Scientific, USA)
- Routinely performed Primary PTCA (Angioplasty during heart attack)
- Over 300 Coronary Angioplasties performed within the first calendar year
- Perform 75 Coronary Angiograms on an average per month

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