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Mr. Vijayanand Babanagar Age: 51 years

Hi, am Vijayanand, resident of Bangalore, civil engineer by profession, infact tension plays a major role in my profession. I was diabetic since the early age of 40 years. Due to this, my weight increased to 103 kgs. Just to walk was a difficult task for me. Used to Insulins, 10-12 tablets everyday. BP, Sugar, Arthritis and Snoring completely bogged me down, which was very frustrating. Tried Yoga, Walking and Ayurveda, but there was no result. My wellwishers started advising me to reduce the weight. Inspite of trying, my weight never reduced. Started thinking that life was difficult. My family was worried. If I was late to reach my house after work, they used get tensed.

Learnt about Bariatric Surgery at Vikram Hospital, Millers Road. Met Dr. Ramesh. He completely heard my story and started his treatment. After couple of tests, Dr. Ramesh recommended me for the surgery. Myself and my family were informed about the procedure in detail, which we felt completely comfortable. Dr. Ramesh and Team did a fantastic work at Vikram Hospital on Millers Road. After the surgery, I was discharged the next day itself.

After couple of days after the surgery, started feeling the difference. Weight started reducing, Joint pains vanished, my snoring just got disappeared. BP and Diabetes was completely cured. I tell you, the bariatric surgery performed by Dr. Ramesh and Team was just like a magic. It’s been 4 months now after the surgery, my weight came down to 70kgs from 103 kgs. Started feeling that am completely fit.

Hats off  to Dr. Ramesh and Team and Kudos to Vikram Hospital for giving me a new life. My lifestyle has changed. Now I play badminton with my children. My wife, parents and children are very happy now. My wellwishers are amazed to see me back in action. The facilities provided by Vikram Hospital on Millers Road was excellent and comfortable.

Mr. Ramkumar K. S. Age: 48 years

Hi, am Ramkumar. Chartered Accountant by profession. I was weighing 152 kgs. Heard about Bariatric Surgery at Vikram Hospital on Millers Road. Met Dr. Ramesh and Dr. Tulip, Consultant Laparoscopic, Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeons. Shared my story with them. They heard and recommend complete tests/check-up’s. Dr. Ramesh, then recommended me to undergo Bariatric Surgery.

After the surgery, now weight is 107 kgs. I just can’t believe myself. I would like to share my experience here.
Post Surgery, I went to my cousin’s house with my usual baggie shirt and came out with a T-shirt. My daughter could not recognise me. My wife got so excited, she planted a kiss in public. I tell you, it’s not a surgery, it’s a magic. Dr. Ramesh and Dr. Tulip are the real magicians. One more point, I would like to mention here, don’t look at the cost. Please analyse cost v/s benefit, then you will arrive at the decision. The amount of confidence that has give me after the surgery is not measureable in terms of money. The great service Dr. Ramesh and Dr. Tulip deliver to us and the feel good factor we get in Vikram Hospital on Millers Road, Bengaluru, it is not something you can’t buy with money.

Trust me, am telling you this with experience. Last, but not the least, please believe me.


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