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have you heard of a defect in a child’s heart during the development stage inside the mother’s womb, which is called “congenital heart diseases” (chd).

marriage between
blood relations where family members have heart disease is also one of the crucial factor that causes ‘chd’ in an infant.
chd is a
monster that creates heart defect or leaves the heart structure incomplete in an infant during the development stage inside the mother’s womb.

abnormal sound is heard from the chest is heard with stethoscope (instrument used by the doctor). this is due to “congenital heart disease”.
chd occur in
infant most often when the mother catches infections like rubella (viral infection in respiratory tract) in first three months of pregnancy.
chd cause a
reduction in blood oxygen, resulting in organs, cells and tissues that are deprived of oxygen and skin turning bluish. such babies are called “blue-baby”.
due to addiction
of alcohol, cigarette or taking medicines for epilepsy, diabetes, thyroid disorders during pregnancy an infant may risk congenital heart diseases.

chd can be
treated at any stage after child’s birth by a pediatric cardiologist, after treatment a child can be completely cured and can lead a healthy life.
8-9/1000 live born babies suffer from this disease and india is also becoming a hotbed for acquired heart disease in infants and young people.

a child requires a check-up, if:
  • frequent cough, cold and pneumonia occurs
  • poor weight gain compared to peers
  • bluish discolouration of lips and nails
  • fast breathing or difficulty in breathing with flaring of nose,
    chest retractions
  • difficulty in feeding: unable to feed at a single attempt
    (suck-rest-suck cycle)
  • delay in movement such as sitting, standing and walking
  • excessive sweating and gets tired easily
  • gets fever frequently with join pain and swelling
  • red eyes (kawasaki disease)
  • unexplained unconsciousness, chest pain and palpitations
if 'yes' to any of the above, consult your trusted
"pediatric cardiologist" immediately.
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