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Endoscopic Ultrasound:

You don't always need to cut to know what's inside

Vikram Hospital and Heart Care has invested in the latest endoscope, the Endoscopic Ultrasoound, for the first time in Karnataka. Being the only non-invasive and painless way of detecting any serious stomach ailment, the Endoscopic Ultrasound enables doctors to not only view the stomach but also see the picture of the entire lining of the Gut. 

Endoscopy always gave us the idea of the inner lining of the Stomach and Intestine, while some times it is necessary to look what is happening in the walls of intestine or just immediately outside walls of intestine. Until now, it was not possible to do this, but with the “Endoscopic Ultrasound” (EUS), these things are possible and that’s why, EUS has become first line of investigation to stage Cancers of the GI Tract and Lungs. It not only lets us know the extent of the spread of cancer, but also for the first time has given us a chance to know the origin of Cancers viz. from which layer of the stomach wall or food pipe did the cancer start, to help treat it properly. And in doubtful cases, the inner tissue can be obtained to confirm the presence or absence of cancer (by a process called EUS Guided Fine Needle Aspiration). The EUS also helps in diagnosing small stones in bile ducts, early chronic Pancreatitis presenting as repeated episodes or continuous abdominal pain, and assists in removal of fluid collected in the abdomen & treatment of pain arising due to end stage Cancer.

This facility is being provided for the first time in the entire “Karnataka” at “Vikram Hospital and Heart Care”, joining the league of the best hospitals in the world.

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