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Perfect Dentistry

At vikram Perfect, you have more than one reason to smile. Our state-of-the-art equipments combined with the expertise of our dentists ensure that the solution to your dental problem is painless, bloodless and amazingly quick!

All takes is I hour!

Lengthy procedures like root canal and teeth whitening are now done in a single sitting and in just one hour (for most cases), only at Vikram Perfect.

No drill, no pain!

Hard Tissue LASER ensures that we don’t have to use the regular ‘drills’ to remove that cavity! LASER precision ensures that only the decayed enamel is removed sparing the healthy portion. Not just that, since there is no vibration there is no jaw pain too. Even the remaining tooth is better preserved.

Get a Smile makeover!

Get your broken or unshapely teeth restored at Vikram perfect. We are the first to install the World’s No. 1 Clinical side Crown manufacturing system using the finest ceramics which is the closest thing invented to match the real tooth. Our technique ensures precision and takes just about 20-30 minutes to from a new tooth which is an exact replica of the tooth you have lost.

Our smile evaluation team of restorative dentist, prosthodontist & orthodontist will ensure the best smile for you.

Fun with Braces!

With Vikram Perfect, you will love to flaunt your braces. Sport our special our multicolored braces or opt for the ‘invisible’ ones and let the world keep guessing the secret behind your beautiful smile with Lingual orthodontics & invisible aligners (lnvisalign).

Our Doctors

Dr. Anita


Dr. Anil S R

M.D.S. (Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics)

Dr. Vijai S

M.D.S. (Pedodontist & Preventive Dentist)
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