About Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating the perfect designer smile is a new trend of increasing interest for everyone. At Vikram Perfect we not only treat broken teeth or dental diseases, we also create natural, beautiful smiles to meet the demands of today's esthetically conscious population. This requires an advanced level of artistry and attention to the smallest and most subtle details.

The appearance of straighter, whiter teeth can be achieved through several options, from bonding the teeth with tooth colored materials without the use of local anaesthesia or drills, to using porcelain shells called veneers that are each custom constructed and fitted to bond over the teeth. These advances in esthetic dentistry can correct teeth that are chipped, crooked, or discolored in just one or two appointments, while still making it look natural. Furthermore, this can be achieved with minimal discomfort to the patient and without an extended amount of treatment time.

Aside from choosing a smile with teeth that have the perfect coloring, shape, and function, the artistry of dentistry also involves the shape of the gum tissues surrounding the teeth. Once the teeth are fixed to create a more attractive smile, less than perfect gum contours become more noticeable. Therefore, it is vitally important to look at the whole picture, gums and teeth, from the beginning. The gums provide the stage for the actors, the teeth, to perform their best!

The latest in technology (lasers) allows the cosmetic dentist to achieve this at the same appointment as the cosmetic dentistry for the teeth. An added bonus, this procedure can be a quick and virtually painless process.

Dental treatments offered here go beyond the old drill and fill routines. Laser teeth whitening systems have gained widespread popularity, allowing a patient to leave the dental centre after only an hour with a whiter, brighter smile.

In order to reduce the stress and increase the comfort and safety of each patient, every detail is attended to vikram perfect for eg , it uses only distilled sterilized water for all treatment, and provides digital x-rays that reduce radiation up to 90% compared to conventional methods. For longer appointments, sedation may be employed. Many dental procedures no longer require shots or drilling, thereby eliminating the discomfort and noise that used to be associated with dentistry. While creating an individualized, winning smile for their patients, we employ technology such as lasers instead of the conventional drill to offer virtually painless dentistry. Furthermore, advances in technique and materials we use now often allow us to fix a perfect smile in one or two appointments, using bonding techniques and porcelain veneers.

Vikram Perfect offers superb treatment using the latest and most advanced technology and training in a relaxed environment. Now, a dental appointment is a great excuse to relax, allowing you to return to your workday refreshed and smiling from ear to ear.!