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About Dermatology

Skin judi slot is the largest organ of the body. Today let me focus on how to keep this largest organ of the body healthy and thereby looking young too.

Skin has two layers, the outer epidermis and the inner dermis. First, lets understand how the skin ages and becomes unhealthy. When young, the skin is supple thanks to the collagen in the dermis layer. As we age, this collagen reduces and is seen as wrinkling of the skin. The outer epidermis also accumulates dead and dry cell layers thanks to the constant exposure to the environment. This is inescapable part of living many years on planet earth! The outer layers of dead skin add to the lack of sheen and texture becomes rough. It accumulates areas of pigmentation too.

So, the key to healthy supple skin is to clear out the dead cells of the epidermis and rejuvenate the collagen of the dermis to restore healthy ‘youthful’ skin. The beauty is that this can be done by using some pure forms of sunlight, in the form of LASER. LASER technology has revolutionised Dermatology care. Laser uses light, or photons. This concentrated focused light energy enables clearing out the targeted skin layer, depending on the wave length used. Light energy is not perceived as pain by the body just like how sunlight is not perceived as pain. [The other options like Electrosurgery is also being used for the same purpose.

Electrosurgery uses ‘Electrons’ (rather than the painless ‘Photons’ in Laser). Electrons are resisted by the body cell membranes and hence very painful and one needs anesthesia. Moreover, this energy is powerful and thick layers of skin are removed at a time. For example, while in laser the affected area can be precisely targeted to a couple of millimeters, such a specificity is impossible in electrosurgery wherein several layers are incinerated at a time resulting in significant scarring too.]


Let me start with the most remarkable invention, which is the Erbium Laser. This Laser uses a infra red wave length photons to exfoliate (remove) the dead, dry part of the epidermis. Not just that, the top portion of the dermis layer of the skin (papillary dermis) is stimulated to produce collagen. This naturally produced collagen brings back the volume to the skin which we lost with aging! Collagen reduces the wrinkling of skin. The removal of the dead and pigmented portion of the skin, combined with the production of fresh collagen improves the skin color, texture and smoothen out patchy pigmentary irregularities.

This procedure is called Facial Rejuvenation or Skin Glow and is a very holistic way of attaining true anti-aging of the skin takes just about 20 minutes per session, 2 - 3 sessions a month apart. Erb Laser is applied across the face in dot like fashion and the procedure is painless and requires no anesthesia. Post procedure a slight redness is present which lasts a few hours. You can revert back to your normal care of skin (sunscreen or moisturiser, make up, etc). However, the smoother, even-toned skin with better light reflectivity ensures you will be complemented for looking good as well as great photographs. Infact, this is thoroughly recommended prior to an important occasion like a wedding (Ideally visit Vikram Perfect 3 months prior). This young look can last 6 months to an year depending on how well you take care of your skin.

Erbium laser when used with deep penetration, wherein the entire layer of the skin is removed and replaced by fresh young new skin, results in looking at least a decade younger. This look lasts for another 8 - 10 years too. This procedure is called Laser skin resurfacing. This is an intense therapy and will take about 3 weeks to heal during which time you cannot socialise and will need to protect your skin. An experienced dermatologist will help you to decide if you really need this.

The other Laser is the Nd-Yag laser. This is used for hair reduction. Unwanted facial or body hair is removed at the root. Prior to this sophisticated Laser, electrolysis was used. But Laser Nd Yag is way superior as a technique and ease of use. The thick black hair is the easiest to remove and responds best to Nd Yag Laser. Thin light hair need multiple sittings and some residual hair is left behind, but does not bother. White hair does not respond to laser. For Indian brown skin Nd Yag laser is clearly the best choice.

For the face: chin, side and upper lip the time taken is not more than 30 minutes and you can return to your work immediately. The procedure has to be repeated once a month on the face for a couple of months. The number of visits is dictated by factors like- hair thickness, hair color, hormonal problems, and patient’s skin color. Prior to laser therapy one should not bleach, pluck the hair. What’s more, its not painful and is totally harmless. Other popular applications of hair removal is correction of the eyebrows, esp the Unibrow (for some the two eyebrows meet, this can be corrected permanently). Eyebrow correction is limited to the upper line (and not the lower line as its too close to the eye). Men who prefer to have a clean shaven look forever choose to remove the facial hair too.

The last light based, often sort of desire therapy is facial acne scar correction. Here again laser is passed on the scars monthly once to elevate the depression. The superficial scars in an young will certainly do well. But the deep scars may require in addition to laser other options.

Apart from above light based therapy the botulinum toxin therapy (Botox treatment) has caught the imagination of many, for facial wrinkle management. Here the medicine is injected mainly on the forehead and temple for reducing age related wrinkles. The therapy takes only few minutes and later the patient can return back to work. The wrinkle reduction is noticeable after 3 days and lasts upto 6 months. This therapy can be done in conjuction with laser to augment the improvement of facial appearance.

At Vikram Perfect we have the worlds best Erbium Laser for skin rejuvenation, Nd Yag Laser for hair removal and approved by US FDA. Above all, its manned by Specialist Dermatologists who will offer you the right medical advise. Dr Omprakash, who heads the department has over a decade of experience with Lasers in premier institutes of the country.

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