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Our Mission


It is critical for a patient to place implicit faith and trust in the medical community. That's why, at Vikram Hospital Private Limited, our Doctors are more than just Doctors. They are your friends! Taking this as our mission, we believe in providing the best medical care in any emergency or need through world-class infrastructure and qualified doctors, who bring out the best not just in terms of their skills but also their warmth and care.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to bring the highest standards in healthcare within the reach of every individual. We are committed to a multi-coloured approach towards excellence in medical attention for the benefit of humanity. So, for every aspect in healthcare, our colour is distinct and perspective led.”


  • To work with the highest levels of medical ethics.
  • To be alert to the physical and emotional needs of the patients and their families.
  • To show respect & compassion to the patients.
  • To work as a team.
  • To strive for bench marking the hospital to international standards in the areas of infrastructure, services and patient management.
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