i require a check-up, if:
  • sudden severe headache described as thunderclap headache
  • progressively worsening headache associated with vomiting and visual blurring
  • seizures/ fits/epilepsy of any type
  • progressive/ sudden loss of vision
  • recent onset of squint and double vision
  • progressive unilateral hearing loss
  • difficulty in swallowing / speaking
  • recent loss of memory
  • recent change in personality / behaviour
  • back pain shooting down the leg
  • neck pain shooting down the arms
  • nasal regurgitation of fluids
  • sudden onset of limb weakness, followed by improvement in few hours
  • progressive weakness / numbness/tingling of all 4 limbs/limb
  • difficulty in walking/shaking of the limbs
  • recent onset of retention of urine/incontinence
if 'yes' to any of the above, consult your trusted
"neurologist/neuro surgeon" immediately.
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